Make an Appointment

To schedule a herding lesson, find an open time from the list below and send me your request in an email at the addy:

Or Click on the 'request for a lesson' below and it will send a direct email to me!

Lesson Fees

Lessons are scheduled on the hour and will last for up to 45 minutes.

Lessons are $50.
(***Cash or Check only please!***)

Remember to watch the Weather!

Well, its summertime!  Woohoo!
Unfortunately that means the heat and humidity are back.....  So we need to watch the weather as we schedule lessons.  In general, if the heat index is gonna be above 100 then we’ll most likely cancel lessons - so watch this website and i’ll try to keep it updated.  

For First Timers

Please make sure your dog is in good health and not excessively overweight. Bring a buckle collar for your dog. All dogs must be leashed - no flexi's please! Also, please clean up after your dogs.

I’ve discovered that students generally have a better learning experience if we schedule appointments for herding instead of just dropping in. You will probably be here about 2 hours (more for multiple dogs). You are always welcome to come early or stay late and watch others work. It can be time well spent and very educational! 

On Your First Visit

On your first visit to the farm, we will test your dog for herding instinct. I will take your dog in and work the dog for 10-15 minutes depending on what the dog does. Once we know what your dog understands about herding, then we'll formulate a plan for its education.  Herding is a very mentally exhausting sport for your dog, and we have found that one time on your first visit is best. After the first visit then your dog will most likely work twice.

Available Appointment Dates

NO herding the weekend of October 13th & 14th. Taking time off for a Family work weekend!

October 20th - Saturday - This is the last weekend to herd before the Herbel Clinic!

  • 9:00  teresa & Nebo
  • 10:00 Teresa & Yaffa
  • 11:00 Kathy & Kit
  • 12:00 Sharon & Archie
  • 1:00 Jess & Tazer
  • 2:00 Marybeth & Taliesin
  • 3:00 Marybeth & Kian
  • 4:00

October 21th - Sunday

  • 9:00  Teresa & Nebo
  • 10:00 Kathy & Kit
  • 11:00 Sharon & Archie
  • 12:00 Jess & Tazer
  • 1:00
  • 2:00 Marie & Anika
  • 3:00 Marie & Zeke

October 27th thru October 30th

The Herbels are coming back to Dogwood this weekend!  The clinic is full but auditors are still welcome.  We'll be working mostly on the AKC trial course - so if ya wanna come learn more about how to do that - then come on over!  

November 3rd & 4th

No herding this weekend - going to a trial in Kentucky!!  Woohoo!

To Schedule a Lesson

Send a request for a lesson date & time.

Check out the schedule to see if there is an open lesson time slot:

Then drop me a note and I'll put you on the schedule!

Dogwood Farm

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