Mary Lou Hayden / Shepherd


Dogwood Farm Professional Herding Training and Trialling Facility

Dogwood Farm is a professional herding training and trialing facility that is dedicated to the development and training of all recognized herding dogs. The facility is equipped for all types of training: ranging from small pens and calm sheep to large fields and very light sheep. No matter what the skill level of the dog and handler, we have what you need! 

This facility is dedicated to those who are serious about learning to be a stock dog handler.


Do you want to trial?

Our aim is to train handler/dog teams in all aspects of herding, from real stock work to competing in trials. We are proud to have produced herding teams with titles from the test classes through advanced classes, including herding champions from multiple breeds. We enjoy training teams to trial in many of the different recognized venues: AKC, ASCA, AHBA, and USBCHA. 


How about a lesson?

Dogwood Farm trains on most weekends throughout the year. Please check the schedule section to find out more information and when we are training.